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Are there drop-in classes?

Only adult classes are drop-in. DANZA does not offer free trial classes. 


How old must I be to attend classes?

Children must be at least 3 years old by the start date.

Is there a fee for the placement class?

There is not a fee, but if enrolling, there is an annual registration fee.

What is the dress code?

  • For children's dance classes, there is a specific training uniform, consisting of a leotard, tights, and ballet shoes, with details upon acceptance. Unless otherwise specified, warm-up attire may not be worn during class, including sweaters, legwarmers, skirts, etc. The teacher may ask a student to sit and observe class if they are not in the correct attire.

  • For adult ballet, you may wear ballet attire, or work-out clothing that is comfortable and allows easy movement. Ballet shoes are required.

  • For other adult classes, refer to Adult Classes for specifications on your class. Generally comfort is key. Ballet/dance clothes or fitted leggings and tight-fitting tops/tanks are recommended. Absolutely no spiked heels allowed. Please make sure the soles are clean before you enter the studio. However, all street shoes should be removed before entering studio. Dance shoes should never be worn outside the building.

  • Hair should be neat and pulled back from the face and off the neck. Children must wear hair in a secure bun. Only small earrings may be worn. No other jewelry including necklaces, watches, bracelets, and rings may be worn during class. 

Can I change clothes at DANZA?

Yes, but it is encouraged to arrive at the studio ready to go for class: hair in bun, ballet attire underneath street clothes and be prepared to remove street shoes and clothing prior to entering the studio.


What time do I arrive for class?

Students should arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to the start of class to warm-up. We recommend you arrive dressed to save as much time as possible. To ensure each class runs on time, parents are expected to pick up their child promptly at the conclusion of class. This is strictly enforced.

If I am running late, how late can I enter?

All students must be in the studio and ready at the start of their class. You may enter class no later than 10 minutes. It is vital to arrive on time not only because class time is limited, but in order to prevent injuries. If late, wait for the exercise in progress to be over before quietly taking an open place in a manner that will not disturb the class. If later than 10 minutes, the student may observe class.

Do you offer private instruction?

Yes, private instruction is on a first-come first-served basis. Packages available for a reduced price. Please email for details.  

Are classes open to observation?

No. DANZA, Center for the Arts has a policy of no observation by parents nor outside guests, as it is disruptive to both the teacher and the students.

Can I bring drinks or food into the studio?

Absolutely no gum, food, or drink, other than water in a sealed container, is allowed inside the studio.  

Do you offer studio rental?

Yes, please e-mail for availability and pricing. 

Still have questions? Drop us a line here.

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