At this time, there are virtual and some in person classes available. Virtual classes currently live-streamed in Central Time Zone through Zoom. The Children's Program offers formal, quality training year-round to students ranging from ages 3-16. The Children's Program requires a placement class, and a year long commitment. Students will then be assigned a level and schedule. DANZA follows a graded syllabus under the renowned ABT curriculum. Advancement to each continuous level is decided by teacher and school director with evaluation in class throughout the year. Auditions not required for summer camps.


Here at DANZA, classical ballet--the foundation of all dances, is our focal point. Prepare to be impressed as your child flourishes into a true dancer before your very eyes. Through formal training, students will learn classroom structure, etiquette, combine correct technique with artistry, proper & safe progressions of movement while concurrently attaining self-confidence, discipline, & the connection between outer & inner strength.     

Ballet turns hard-work into talent, challenges into rewards, peers into life-long friends, and dreams into reality. Come dance with us today!  





The joy of dance begins with a child's first steps in a fun and nurturing environment. 


Ballet is introduced to our youngest of dancers by using props, video clips, books, and music, in which the students explore movement and storytelling. Students learn to connect imagery with movement and begin to develop coordination and listening skills that'll stress the joys of movement, music, & imagination! 

Ages 3

Creative movement, preparation for the formal setting of a ballet class, familiarizes children with movement, music, space, and class interaction...but to them, it is purely fun and glee!


Take turns leading, following, and dancing with partners and groups. Students will be cheered on by their teacher to explore their most imaginative selves paving the way for self-expression and creativity. 

Ages 4-5


Mini & Me is a music and movement class designed especially for the littlest ones at DANZA. Encourage an appreciation for music, body awareness, and the development of early language skills all while bonding with your baby through dancing, singing, and playing together. This class is for babies and their caregivers. Come join us!

Our program is designed and facilitated by Melanie Hebert, our school pianist, and mother of four, in collaboration with Tamara Miller, SLP.


Remember to wear socks and comfortable clothes you can move in, and a yoga mat and/or blanket for you and your baby to sit on and your diaper bag.

Ages 4-18 months (sitters to early walkers)


The place where all the mastered technique, all the hard work, comes together and meets the passionate creativity in us all! Students will explore floor patterns, space, directions, levels, the relationship between music and movement, and begin the journey of understanding how to use the primary tool of dance---their bodies! 


Students will create dance sequences on their own and with their peers. This class will perform periodically at community events. Through creating and performing, they will learn how works of art are produced; and how images, sounds, and movement convey stories.

Must be enrolled in technique class.


To really fulfill dancer status, students need more than technique class. Stretch and Strength is arranged for growing bodies to gain maximum flexibility, core stability, and muscular strength. As a result, dance classes will become easier, enabling students to advance in their abilities. Plus, learn stretches and conditioning exercises you can do in your very own home!


Bare feet are recommended. Hair may be in ponytail. Either ballet attire or clothing that allows easy movement may be worn.


Ages 10+


Pointe shoes---the magical moment when students experience another part of the dance world, an extension of their ballet training, adding to the aesthetic of their dancing. Learn how to shop for, sew, care, and break-in shoes.


Not only do the feet and ankles need to be strong enough, but alignment, turnout, back and abdominal muscles must also be in order to stand on pointe correctly without the risk of injury. Students will be individually evaluated with qualification upon approval of school director only.  


Ages 12+


In this class students will expand their performance artistry by working on dance, theater, and vocal skills. We provide as much one-on-one coaching as possible, as well as the same supportive learning environment where compassion, kindness, and teamwork are fostered. Students will develop interpretation abilities, improvisational skills, musical theater style dance, acting techniques, and vocal performance in a theatrical setting, while also building discipline and accountability for artistry.

This class will also have mini performance opportunities throughout the year, and participate in our final end of year performance, too (performing always optional in all classes).

Ages 8+


Contemporary class will introduce students to movement based on Limon and release technique. They will learn fall and recovery concepts, how to play with gravity in order to move efficiently through space, and discover pathways in their bodies to enter and leave floorwork with ease. Through these movement philosophies, students will be able to approach any dance technique and movement practice in a dynamic, mindful, and expressive way. 

This class will challenge students and enhance their ballet technique by helping them develop into well rounded dancers.  


Ages 8+


DANZA's Young Artist Camp

Depending on the week, camp consists of lessons in dancing, voice, theater, and art. Contact for weekly details. Spend the summer with us to see optimum results at school in the fall! Your kids will be having fun while enhancing their artistic abilities. There is a final in-studio presentation for the parents on the last day of camp.

Please contact for more details.

Ages 5 - 12

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