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DANZA believes dance education should be part of the required school curriculum beginning at the elementary age. When arts classes are cut, students are stripped of exploring and developing their own creativity, taking them that much longer to manifest their personality confidently and comfortably. We feel dance is particularly influencing to children who otherwise would have not been given the opportunity. There are many of these young people who are naturally talented, but lack of exposure prevents them from realizing their abilities.  


1 week, 1 semester, and 1 year in-school residency programs are available for grades K-5th. Students will delve into creative movement based classes with elements of ballet, modern, jazz, Latin, African, and theater genres. Depending on the residency length and type, the program may conclude with a performance.    


When learning dance, every moment is productive. Students learn discipline, posture, team-work, focus, self-esteem, courage, tenacity, risk taking, respect, etiquette, and patience—a recipe for success in life. It gives them something to work for, the conviction they have something to give, and it challenges them---physically and mentally. The best part about it is that they do not even realize any of this; they are simply having ‘fun’. They are left with emotions of satisfaction, pride, and self-worth which translates to happiness for them; and that is exactly what is sought for the youth. The goal then becomes to leave such an imprint, that the experience, the memories are channeled into their adulthood.


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